ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication

ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication and Integration Software Pack

ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Module PACK is a solution for Developing and Integrating DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader / Scanner with ASP.NET Web Browser Applications and Websites

Need Help to add Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in your ASP.NET Software Applications? I will show you how I did it and I can Help your Company, Organization or Institution to integrate with the same too !

Below is a Youtube video clip showing a demo of How ASP.NET Web Biometric Authentication PACK works.

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Worry NOT about the Difficulties and Problems that Bother you about adding Biometric Fingerprint Authentication into your ASP.NET Web Application or Integrating Biometric Fingerprint Enrolment and Verification into a Client’s ASP.NET Web Browser Applications.

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This ASP.NET C#.NET Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module + Source Code is that ASP.NET C#.NET Code for Fingerprint Recognition you have been Looking for.

This Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint ASP.NET Software + Source Code will make it possible for you to Get Data from a Fingerprint Reader Scanner in ASP.NET and Save it to MSSQL Database.

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This Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module + ASP.NET Source Code will help your DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader Scanner seamlessly work with your ASP.NET Web Browser Application.

Who should Buy ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication PACK ?

ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Module PACK + ASP.NET Software Source Code is for those Working on ASP.NET Web Browser Application Projects that are Time Bound, with delivery timeliness approaching very fast and for those Tasked with the Humongous Workload of Developing ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Solutions. 

Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Technology on ASP.NET Web Browser Applications

This ASP.NET Web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module + Software Code will help you, spring board your plans to add and implement Fingerprint Authentication to your ASP.NET Web Applications and ASP.NET Web Projects with ease, simplicity and speed in a record time of a few minutes. 15 minutes at most! I can bet on this!

This is the NEW Quickest, Simplest, Straight Forward and Easy to use ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication and Integration Software Module PACK + Source Code for Biometric Fingerprint Registration and Verification you will ever come across on the internet today.

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Brief introduction

One of the most notable issues with the authentication of users by means of the web is the critical absence of security of commonly used verification procedures, passwords PIN codes and cookies.

With the modern advances of the Biometric Fingerprint Technology, the possibility of identifying users online has been totally taken care of. This ASP.NET Web Browser based Fingerprint Biometric Authentication module is one of the novel solutions that addresses this need.

This ASP.NET Web Fingerprint Biometric Authentication module facilitates easy integration into an ASP.NET Web page to include Fingerprint Registration and a Validation check using Fingerprint Authentication Technology incorporated in the ASP.NET Web page which communicate with the hardware interface of a Fingerprint Reader Scanner attached to your client computer which then retrieves an encrypted fingerprint from the server then validates it.

Background information

Initially, when I was beginning to develop Biometric Fingerprint Solutions I was so green and clueless on where and how to start.

The worst thing of all was that when I asked about or inquired from persons I presumed were well versed in the field of ‘Biometric Fingerprint Authentication’ whether it was possible to do Biometric Fingerprint Authentication on web, they either told me that it was impossible while the majority insisted that they had no idea how they would ever achieve that feat.

As you can tell, I was now all on my own groping in the dark with an idea of what I wanted to do but with no technology know how on how to implement it.

It certainly feels bad to be in that position. True?

If this has been your predicament before, at least you have an idea how this can incapacitate anyone or a project with delivery time lines.

The possible solutions that were suggested were either too insurmountable or involving a collation of very many other technologies, networks and servers that made it seem very hard to get a full fledged biometric fingerprint verification web solution without a good, reliable and expensive ICT infrastructure at your disposal.

The following below questions years ago were answered with a straight NO ! See Examples below;

Question 1:

Can I use a fingerprint scanner on my website?


Question 2:

Fingerprint authentication for web application


Question 3:

How i can integrate fingerprint scanning device in a web application?


The Good News is that it can be done, I have since developed this new way of doing it in ASP.NET.

Below is a snapshot captured from this NEW ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Module PACK which was developed using ASP.NET C#.NET and MSSQL for Server side, HTML, Javascript, JQuery and for client side.

ASP.NET Web Biometrics Authentication


Can you develop a ‘Biometric Fingerprint Recognition’ application using ASP.NETMSSQL, Javascript, JQuery and HTML?

Answer: Yes!


Can you develop a ‘Biometric Fingerprint Recognition’ application using ASP.NETMSSQL, Javascript, JQuery and HTML then run it only on one (1) PC, Many Networked PCs, Computers in different Geographical Regions?

Answer: Yes!


Are there other Web Applications which have been developed or integrated with Web based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module in other Programming Languages other than ASP.NET C#.NET?

Answer: Yes!

Key Features

  1. Fingerprint Registration module (for fingerprint enrolment) 
  2. Fingerprint Verification module (for fingerprint authentication) 
  3. MSSQL back-end database (SQL restoration script) though any other RDBMs can do 
  4. Server side scripting code done in ASP.NET C#.NET 
  5. Client side scripting code done in HTML, Javascript 

Biometric Fingerprint Registration Web Software Code Module in ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, C#.NET & MSSQL

ASPNET Web Biometrics Fingerprint Registration GUI Design in Visual Studio
ASP.NET Web Biometrics Fingeprint Registration and Person Details Capture
Enrolling Fingerprint 1 in ASP.NET Web Biometrics User Registration panel

Biometric Fingerprint Authentication and Verification Web Software Code Module in ASP.NET, HTML, C#.NET and MSSQL

Fingerprint MATCH SUCCESSFUL in ASP.NET Web Biometrics Authentication

Who is ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Module PACK best suited for?

ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Module PACK + Software Source Code is for those Working on Time Bound Projects mandated with the Humongous Task of Developing ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Solutions. 

How does ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication Module PACK + Software Code work?

ASP.NET Web Fingerprint Authentication and Integration Software Module is designed and developed for ASP.NET Web Server Client Setups, Networked PCs running ASP.NET Web Browser Applications, and any other Networked and Interconnected ASP.NETWeb Browser based Applications .

This ASP.NET Web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module + Software Code makes it easy and smooth for you to add Biometric Fingerprint Registration, Authentication and Verification to your ASP.NET Web Browser Applications thus reducing development time and helps you control access via web by use of Biometric Fingerprints,

This ASP.NET Web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module supports Internet Explorer in Windows XP, Vista, Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

To use this ASP.NET Web Browser based Fingerprint and Integration Module you will require one / any of the following Biometric Fingerprint Reader Scanners 

1. Digitalpersona 4000 Fingerprint Reader 
2. Digitalpersona 4000B Fingerprint Reader 
3. Digitalpersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader 
4. Digitalpersona 5100 Fingerprint Reader 
5. Digitalpersona 5160 Fingerprint Reader
 ( This device does not work with Windows 64 bit Operating Systems ) 
6. Digitalpersona 5300 Fingerprint Reader 

The Fingerprint REGISTRATION module allows you to add more input values that you intend to capture during fingerprint enrollment.

Demo for ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication using Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

Demo for ASPNET Web Biometric Authentication using Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

At the moment it allows for capturing First Name, Second Name and Employee Number ( you can use any other number that uniquely identifies the person whose fingerprint data you wish to enroll e.g. Social Security Number, Passport Number, Examination Number etc. depending on how you intend to do your Web Biometric Integration ) but the developer can add more input values as they please or modify the current input values to what suits the application they are integrating with.

The Fingerprint VERIFICATION module has two provisions for confirming a SUCCESSFUL Person Authentication and FAILED Person Verification. 

1. Message Notification: A Message Prompt gets Displayed informing you of the Status of the Verification. 

2. Verification Results Data View Fields: These View fields show you the Particulars of the Person that has been Biometrically identified or the Status of the Biometric Verification Process. 

Need Help to Integrate Biometric Fingerprint Authentication to your ASP.NET Web Browser Application projects? 

Do you need Help / Support to Integrate Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment and Authentication into your ASP.NET Web Browser Application(s)? 

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