Web Biometric Enrollment (Fingerprint Registration)

What is Web Biometric Enrollment? You could also reframe this Question to ask, What is Web Biometric Registration? Web Biometric Enrollment is the Capture of a Person’s Biometric Data for the first time into a Biometric System’s Database together with their other particulars that uniquely identify them like Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Nationality.… Continue reading Web Biometric Enrollment (Fingerprint Registration)

Web Biometric Server

PHP Web Biometric Server

What is a Web Biometrics Server? A Web Biometrics Server is the Computer where the main Web Biometric Application is Installed, Hosted and Served to Client Computers from. In some Web Biometrics Authentication setups, t is also where the Biometrics Database is installed. A Web Biometrics Server is a special back-end Computer where a couple… Continue reading Web Biometric Server

Web Biometric Authentication

Biometric Software Developer and Integration Support at Jomutech Systems

To understand Web Biometric Authentication, it is essential to understand what Web Applications are and how they work. Web Applications So what is a Web Application and how does it work? A Web Application is a Software Application that is served from a Server Computer to a Client Computer over a network connection and is… Continue reading Web Biometric Authentication

We wishing you a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2019

Happy New Year

What Biometrics Project are you working on this year? Is your Biometrics Project on Linux, Windows, Android, Web or Cloud? Whatever Platform they are built on, Whatever they are, No matter How Complex or Sophisticated they are, Do not Stress yourself! Do not Panick! We got your Back! We will Help you! Our new Year’s Resolution is to make it Easy, Simple and Quick to integrate Biometrics into… Continue reading We wishing you a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2019