Android External Fingerprint Scanner

Android Biometric Authentication Using External USB Fingerprint Scanner

Need Help with how to integrate Biometric Fingerprint Authentication using Android External Fingerprint Scanner in your Android App using an External Fingerprint Scanner? I will show you how I did it and I can Help You, Your Company, Organisation or Institution to integrate with the same too ! Background Information Have you realized in recent times that almost everything you could do… Continue reading Android External Fingerprint Scanner

We wishing you a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2019

Happy New Year

What Biometrics Project are you working on this year? Is your Biometrics Project on Linux, Windows, Android, Web or Cloud? Whatever Platform they are built on, Whatever they are, No matter How Complex or Sophisticated they are, Do not Stress yourself! Do not Panick! We got your Back! We will Help you! Our new Year’s Resolution is to make it Easy, Simple and Quick to integrate Biometrics into… Continue reading We wishing you a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2019

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