PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software

You will benefit from deploying PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software at your workplace if you tick to all or some of the below questions.

PHP Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Cafeteria ID Access Control Software Source Code developed in PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript
PHP Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Cafeteria ID Access Control Software Source Code developed in PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript

Does your Organization, Company or Institution provide meals to your Staff? How many helpings do you allow your Staff? Want to Control the number of times they can get served? Here is where you could consider PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software to ensure there are enough portions for everyone and that no one who is on leave or on a day off is still getting served meals at the Canteen while they are away.

Need Help to Control Access with Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in your Organisation / Institution’s Cafeteria, Mess Hall, Dining Hall Software Application? We will show you how we did it and I can Help your Company, Organization or Institution to integrate with the same too !

It can be used in small and medium sized organizations. The system can be used in place of meal cards and meal vouchers.

This PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software is developed to be used as a Web Application (Deploy on one server but run in many client machines). Its software is developed in Php, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript and HTML. Organizations, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Web Engineers, Software Developers and Consultant Developers interested in having it can go straight to the bottom of this page and download its Source Code together with Fingerprint SDK Runtime right away. With this software Source Code, you will Save Time and Save Costs of coming up with a Biometric Cafeteria System. We have made it Easier for you to Adopt this Software Source Code either the way it is or Get it and Build upon it. The choice is all yours as the owner of this Source Code to decide what to do with it after you download it. 

Known Canteen / Cafeteria Systems Problems

This PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software addresses the following issues that are prevalent with other Cafeteria Systems. 

  1. Inability to generate and retrieve reports to a computer. 
  2. Staff misplace meal cards or meal cards get worn out. 
  3. Carrying around meal cards and vouchers is not stylish. 
  4. Cafeteria visit patterns and access times cannot be captured using conventional pen and paper method for reports and analysis. 

Benefits of PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software System

This PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software provides you with a state of the art (modern) Biometric fingerprint Softwaresystem for Biometric Staff Registration & Identification Process that gives you the following benefits; 

  1. Capture exact date and time a member of staff visits cafeteria. 
  2. Allow staff to get served at the cafeteria twice (2) a day but can be adjusted according to the allowed number of visits in an organization. 
  3. Prevent sharing of meal cards because no other member of staff can clock in for another using their own fingerprint. 
  4. Monitor and track hours staff mostly visits the cafeteria. 
  5. Facilitate easy reporting and analysis of cafeteria use patterns. 
  6. Generate reports of employee hours, days, weeks & months of visits at the cafeteria. 
  7. Provide controlled access to cafeteria i.e. only to staff. 
  8. This biometric cafeteria solution will significantly capture and report staff patterns described in bullets 1 and 2 above. 
  9. 9. Eradicate paperwork as there will be no need to manually sign and tick meal cards. 
  10. Reports generated by this solution can aid the Catering department in accounting for cafeteria visit times & review of reports for better planning and organization. 

PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software Main Modules

  1. Staff Registration 
  2. User Registration 
  3. Biometric Staff Identification 
  4. Cafeteria ID System Administration 

Staff Registration

This modules enables the Administrator of Biometric Cafeteria ID System to Register new Staff into the System. The Administrator should remember to check the Authorize check box for the user to be authorized to use the system otherwise this check box should be left unchecked if the Staff is not yet allowed to use the Cafeteria. After the Staff has been biometrically registered, a Virtual Meal Cardwith Tokens should be created for them so that they can be able to access the cafeteria facility where for every visit, they spend a token.

PHP Web Biometric Cafeteria ID Software
PHP Web Biometric Cafeteria ID Software
PHP Web Biometric Cafeteria ID Software showing Fingerprint Enrollment
PHP Web Biometric Cafeteria ID Software showing Fingerprint Enrollment

This module has two sub modules, i.e. Staff Registration and Edit Staff Particulars

Staff Registration

Here is where a Staff particulars and biometric fingerprints data are captured and entered into Cafeteria Biometric ID System. 

Edit Staff Particulars: 

Here is where Administrator can make amendments to Staff Particulars previously entered. 

User Registration

This module helps the Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System to manage users of the System. Administrator is able to carry out User Registration via the User Registration Module and edit user details via Edit User Particulars module. 

Biometric Staff Identification

This is the module that performs access control in the Cafeteria Biometric ID System. It determines the following; 

  1. Is a Staff registered or not registered in the Cafeteria Biometric ID System? (Is the person presenting themselves at the cafeteria a Staff or not?) 
  2. Is a Staff authorized or non-authorized? (Is the registered staff allowed to visit cafeteria and take meals or not?) 
  3.  Is the Virtual Meal Card Active or Expired? (Does the Staff’s Virtual Meal Card have allocated tokens or are the allocated tokens exhausted?) 
PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Post Identification
PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Post Identification

The Programmer who gets this Source Code can modify this code to check for other things as may be required by their organization or their client. This bit is the core element module of Cafeteria Biometric ID System. Software developers will find it very easy to change and add new validation checks to it. It is a very straight forward piece of code

PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Post Identification
PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Post Identification

After Biometric Identification of a Biometric Registered Staff who is Authorized to use the cafeteria and one who has an active Virtual Meal Card with available Tokens for use, Cafeteria Biometric ID System notifies the Staff or the remaining tokens available for them to use in a future date or notifies them if they have Exhausted their Tokens after which their Virtual Meal Card is automatically Expired. A staff is also notified if they are exceeding their allocated daily allowed tokens (e.g. one for 10 O’clock tea and another one for Lunch). Some organizations will want their staff only to visit their cafeteria only 2 times a day but a staff may try to pull along a visitor to the cafeteria and attempt to spend an extra token but then the system will restrict them to the 2 tokens allocated to them per day. This will prompt the staff to pay for the extra helping of serving for their visitor. (Programmer here can customize this bit to suit situations that apply their organization). 

Cafeteria ID Administration

PHP Biometrics Cafeteria ID Administration Panel
PHP Biometrics Cafeteria ID Administration Panel

The Administration module is where the Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System performs most of the vital function in this system with the help of the following four sub modules, i.e. Renew Card, Create Card, Activate Staff, Suspend Staff and User Roles

Create Card

This module enables the Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System to create a Virtual Meal Card for a Biometric Registered Staff who is Authorized to access Cafeteria. Basically what happens when a Virtual Card is created is that a Staff is allocated e.g. a number of tokens e.g. 40 tokens for Virtual Card NO. MAT455. The Staff needs not know about the Virtual Card NO, they only need to know the number of tokens they have remaining for them to spend. 

PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID  Create e-Card
PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Create e-Card

Renew Card

When a Staff exhausts all their tokens, the Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System can renew a Virtual Card for them by allocating them new tokens. This is the purpose of this module. Some organization offer meals to their employees at subsidized rates where employees are required to pay a certain amount every month to be able to access to their cafeteria. Employees are required to pay upfront so that they can be allowed to access the cafeteria. Here is where use of Virtual Cards come in handy instead of using papers and registers for records to note down when employees access a cafeteria. 

PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Renew e-Card
PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Renew e-Card

Activate Staff

This module helps Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System to Authorize a Registered Staff to be able to use Cafeteria.

Suspend Staff

This module helps Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System to Suspend an Authorized Staff to stop accessing Cafeteria. This can be in situations like when a Staff’s employment contract is terminated by an organization or when they leave the organization e.g. when interns have finished serving their internship at an organization. 

User Roles: 
This module is for managing levels of user rights in the Cafeteria Biometric ID System. Only an Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System should be able to access this module. 

PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software Main Reports

  1. System Reports 
  2. General Reports 
  3. Other Reports

1. System Reports

Biometric Cafeteria ID’s System Reports has the following other sub reports. They are; 

Registered Staff

From this report, the Administrator of Cafeteria Biometric ID System can retrieve all Registered Staff in Cafeteria Biometric ID System.

Authorized Staff

The Administrator is able to retrieve and view Biometric Registered Staff who are Allowed to Access Cafeteria. Staff even though biometrically registered, need to be granted access in the Cafeteria Biometric ID System before they can access the Cafeteria.

Non-Authorized Staff

These are staff who are Biometrically Registered Staff but are NOT Authorized to use the Cafeteria. Staff whose duties have been suspended or terminated can also be denied access to access Cafeteria from Cafeteria Biometric ID System. A Staff with an Active Meal Card can be unauthorized as is deemed necessary.

Active Meal Cards

This Report shows Virtual Cards for All Staff which are Active. A Virtual Card is Active if it has Tokens which allow the Staff to access the Cafeteria for meals. A Staff is allowed to use only two (2) Tokens in a day. As a programmer you can change this value in your code to suit the organization you are developing a Cafeteria Biometric ID System for.

Expired Meal Card

This Report shows Virtual Cards for All Staff which have Exhausted Allocated Tokens. A staff whose meal card has expired will not be able to access the cafeteria until their Virtual Meal Card is renewed by allocating it new tokens (usually at the beginning of a new month) but programmer can code this bit to fit the situation that he/she anticipates for their organization or client’s cafeteria. 

2. General Reports

Biometric Cafeteria ID’s General Reports has the following two (2) sub reports; 

Cafeteria Today: 
This report shows data for all the staff with Active Meal Cards who visited the Cafeteria Today

Cafeteria History
This report shows Historical data for Previous Visits to the Cafeteria for all Staff who had Active Meal Cards during their time of Cafeteria access. 

3. Other Reports

Biometric Cafeteria ID’s Other Reports consist of these two reports, i.e. System Users and System Logs Reports. 

System Users: 
This shows all users of the system 

System Logs: 
This is supposed to show any system related events. It is left open for the programmer to decide what to display here. The programmer can opt to leave it out of their system.

Technologies used to develop Web based Biometric Cafeteria ID System

Cafeteria Biometric ID System is developed using a Multi-Tier architecture. The system was constructed to use 3-Tier Architecture to allow for scalability and independent handling of the various components of each tier. 

The system’s structured architecture consisted of Presentation, Application and Data layers. 

In Presentation layer, JQuery, HTML, CSS and JavaScript was used to implement form components for capturing system user’s particulars, capturing of fingerprints, displaying of user particulars and reporting. 

The Application layer handles the application logic including fingerprint identification and validations performed in Cafeteria Biometric ID System. (Php programming language handles most of the application logic on the server side). 

The Data layer performs functions related to data saving and retrieval for purposes of registrations, identifications and reporting. The back-end database is MySQL though the programmer can decide to change this to a database of their choice e.g. Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL or any other. 

Web Browsers Supported

This Web Fingerprint Authentication Module supports Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 

Good News! There are multiple ways to run Web Projects and Web Applications you have integrated with this Web Fingerprint Authentication Module in your favorite web browser. One of those ways is by using IE Tab (commercial), Fire IE (free) or by getting any other web browser extensions that allow running of ActiveX on other web browsers other than Internet Explorer in Windows to run this Web FingerprintAuthentication Module in Firefox, Chrome etc. 

Initially you may have been limited to only Internet Explorer to run ActiveX controls for Fingerprint Authentication and Registrationbut thanks to the many Web Browser Extensions today that can be installed to client web browsers, the dream of running fingerprint authentication and registration to Chrome and Firefox and other Web Browsers is now possible. 

Biometric Fingerprint API and Fingerprint Reader Scanner

To use and develop this Cafeteria Biometric ID System you will require one / any of the following Fingerprint Reader devices 
Digitalpersona 4000 Fingerprint Reader 
Digitalpersona 4000B Fingerprint Reader 
Digitalpersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader 
Digitalpersona 5100 Fingerprint Reader 
Digitalpersona 5160 Fingerprint Reader 
Digitalpersona 5300 Fingerprint Reader 

When you buy Cafeteria Biometric ID System, it will come with a Fingerprint SDK API that talks to any of the above Fingerprint Reader Scanners. You will be able to deploy your web application to as many PCs, workstations and computers as you want once you buy Cafeteria Biometric ID System software source code from us. There are no restrictions we impose to limit you whatsoever on where to install, integrate or deploy it. 

No yearly License Renewal charges. Once you buy the ‘.”‘web fingerprint integration’”.’ module we will give you a Fingerprint SDK Runtime environment that you can distribute as much as you want to where you deploy your applications and use it for as long as you want. 

No SDK License Limitations on Many Computers (Use SDK Runtime we give you for as many Computers as you want. No Limitations!) 

No SDK License Limitations on Many Fingerprint Readers (Use SDK Runtime we give you for as many Fingerprint Readers as you want. No Limitations!) 

There are no other charges you pay or will ever be required to pay once you pay to download the ‘.”‘web fingerprint time and attendance’”.’ source code module. 

Get this source code now and use it in developing Biometric Cafeteria Systems. We have made it easy for you by developing the Biometric Cafeteria ID System and availing the Source Code for you so that you concentrate your mind on selling and looking for clients of your finished Biometric Controlled Cafeteria System

PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Touch Fingerprint Panel
PHP Biometric Cafeteria ID Touch Fingerprint Panel

How do you WIN when you integrate with PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software?

  • Save on software development costs and costs of hiring developers. 
  • Save on software development time. 
  • Quick turnaround time for your end software product to your clients. 
  • Easy and Simple Code to Integrate and Develop on your Cafeteria Systems’.”‘”.’ Projects. 
  • No need for hiring developers to station at your workplace. 
  • Adding Fingerprint Authentication to Cafeteria Systems Application is now a breeze. 
  • No more headaches or heartaches required to learn new things, just integrate Cafeteria fingerprint authentication module to your organization’s / client’s web code. 
  • Surprise and clear competition by developing state of the art and robust Cafeteria Biometric ID applications with fingerprint authentication features. 
  • Increase ROI by adding this module into your assets of code snippets that make you hack a big project in a short instance. 
  • With this code you have more time to prospect for new projects and businesses unlike managing a team of developers at your disposal to come up with this module. 
  • Software consultancy becomes easier as you can now confidently promise clients to help them manage authentication problems by use of biometric fingerprints with this web based identity software solution. 

Your options on how to use this PHP Web based Biometric Cafeteria ID System + its Software Code are limitless and they can go as far as your creative mind as a Software Developer can think and innovate. Get this code module and use it to implement those ideas you have always had about using PHP Web based Biometric Cafeteria ID System to do Staff Access Control in a Cafeteria, Mess, Cafe or a Dining Hall

Talk to us if you need to seek any clarification about this PHP Web based Biometric Cafeteria ID System + its Software Code on the E-mail address below. 

Some of the Clients that I have Helped integrate Biometrics into their Software Applications

( … To my esteemed clients: This Biometric Software pack is currently undergoing maintenance! it will be ready in a few days. Thank you for understanding and our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused! … )

PHP Web based Biometric Cafeteria ID System + Software Code Module now for USD $278 only from here

What other Web based Biometric Integrations have you done with other types of Biometric Scanners from other Companies apart from PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software ?

Why PHP Web Biometric Canteen Access Control Software ?

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Send an e-mail to get help with your Biometrics Project

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