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PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK

PHP Web Biometric Authentication and Integration Lite Software pack

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK is a light weight integration solution for adding Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in PHP Web Browser based Applications.

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK works with DigitalPersona UareU type of Fingerprint Scanners which are widely available all over the World in all High End Retail outlets, Computer Shops and Electronic Shops.

You can also order a DigitalPersona Fingerprint Scanner online on amazon, e-bay and it will get delivered to you in a day.

Should you be looking for a Web based PHP Biometric Authentication solution that uses ZKTeco 4500, 7500, 8500 or 9500 type of Fingerprint Scanners, check out ZKTeco PHP Web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication PACK.

Here is a PHP Web Biometric Smart Card Integration that I recently Developed and implemented with PHP which does Web Biometric Registration and Biometric Authentication using Smart Cards.

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PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite Video Clip

Brief Introduction about outgoing Passwords and incoming Biometrics

Use of Passwords as a means of Authentication for PHP Web Browser based Applications has long outlived it’s useful days!

Are you one of those that still uses Passwords only as a means of access control?

Password Authentication is gradually getting replaced by Biometric Authentication.

It might seem as though there’s not much buzz about these happenings but it is indeed happening with an increasing tempo with every single day that passes by.

Did you know that, even for those Companies / Organizations that are not up to speed with what’s cutting in the tech world, they know that it is time to move away from Passwords only stystems?

Have you noticed of late that Computer Shops and Electronic shops are introducing more Biometric Devices in their merchandise for sale than ever before? It is time!

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK

This is the true status of affairs. A case example, banks all over the world are investing heavily on modern identity and Biometric technologies to provide the best services to their clients and help them stymie fraud.

Everyone seems to be aware that sooner than later, the focus will unannounced, shift from passwords, access codes and pins to Biometrics but Companies / Organizations are struggling to determine when this is likely to happen.

You may be asking, “So, when is the right time to get your Software Systems to be Biometrics compliant?

Here is my take, the time to integrate Biometric Authentication into your Company’s Enterprise Software Applications is 5 years ago and the next best time is Today!

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But why the rush? See below Question.

What Prompts Companies all of a Sudden to seek to integrate with Biometrics?

The best way to handle matters to do with security and integrity is to be proactive and be relentless on pursuing best preventive practices and also implementing foolproof secure software solutions.

IT Data Security personnel in any Company / Organization have to be all the time, thinking ahead, anticipating potential attacks and preempting them before they happen not doing damage control after a Company has incurred irreparable losses and damages from adversarial and black hat hackers software systems attacks.

Possible Scenario in a Company that could create urgency to integrate with Biometrics

Think of a possible scenario that could turn out as follows;

This is an abstract example, it is NOT a real life event of a company or someone that I know. It is just an illustration I am going to use to show you how companies find themselves in awkward positions because of taking matters identity management with a lackluster approach.

Here we go!

A Software Manager or Someone in the Top Management working for a Software Company that provides a variety of Software Solutions to diverse Organizations, Companies, Institutions and Government agencies is briskly brushing thru the Local Daily Newspaper.

When, all of a sudden, he stops sipping their sweet tea and accidentally drops his cup down with a bang, could be spilling the remnants of the cup’s contents on the papers at their workstation. But that is the least of his worries ….

He then quickly picks his eye glasses and with squinted eyes, animatedly surges forward to take a closer peek at the newspaper page detailing a tender request from a Logistics Company which has been one of their loyal clients with whom they have had albeit, a Great business Relationship with over the years since the time when they first supplied them with a Logistics Management Software Application.

The Logistics Company has been their Top paying Client over the past 5 years and they have always renewed their Software Maintenance Contract for years now despite the ‘few’ Teething Challenges they have had with the Logistics Management Software and its functionalities.

The details of the Tender article reveal that the Logistics Company is sourcing for a new Logistics Management Software with Reliable, Foolproof and Secure Identity Management Features.

Further details in the published Tender bid article, state that the Logistics Company is opening new other Branches in several other locations and wants to roll out a Distributed Software Management Information System for all its Branches. 

Now, this is where the plot thickens!

The Software Solution Company is about to lose one of their well paying client’s Software Maintenance Contract though the Logistics Company has not yet communicated anything about not renewing the contract with the Software Solutions Company which is due for renewal in the next few months.

Let’s assume the Software Manager or rather the Topmost Senior Management person who saw the request for Tender bid as The Boss!

The Boss springs up to his feet, picks up the office phone’s handset to call their Lead Software Developer who leads the team assigned to the Logistics Company but notices he is on another call.

He quickly figures out that he could instead pace for his workstation. He then places back his phone’s handset and scurries there just in time when the Lead Software Developer has been thru with his phone call and quips, “Hey John, tell me how is everything at our client the Logistics Company? ( …. Read this in the tone of a frustrated boss whose furry now is about to burst into a rage)

Are they OK? What Problems are they having with our Software?” Before John answers any of the Questions, the Boss interrupts again, “Have you talked to them today?”

The Boss then embarks on a series of rhetoric amidst issuing desperate actionable instructions too.

Call them!

Stop what you are doing and call them. “

By this time, everyone in the open office knows that something is terribly wrong and trouble is just looking for who to descend on.

John then tries to explain something to the boss but The Boss is extremely unconcerned at this time to take note of what he is saying. The Boss retorts, “I want you to call them now and arrange for an urgent meeting today or latest tomorrow

Who is your contact person there? Do your really have a good rapport with them?”

Is anyone of them there having a Birthday soon, is Newly Wed, Had a Baby we courier gift packs there to show them that we really care?

While staring blankly at one of developers on John’s team, The Boss quips, “Guys, how well do you talk to your friends there?”

We must resolve all their problems for once now!”

Looking distraught while scrolling thru contacts on his smartphone, The Boss then remarks, “God knows we CANNOT afford to lose this Client !“.

To cut the long story short, The Boss later establishes that the Logistics Company has been having issues to do with identity management.

It is apparent that staff have been sharing passwords and there is no way to prevent this in the current system.

Senior staff have been issuing their passwords to their juniors and delegating high level management tasks and responsibilities to them.

Suspended staff and staff on leave are able to log into the system remotely and edit data while executing other system functions.

Audit logs have shown before that former employees now working for competitor companies have

been gaining unrestricted access to the system among many other login issues that have previously

been reported before during system review meetings that have never been taken seriously as they were thought to be mere client problems that only them can resolve.

These factors and a host of other prevailing issues prompted the

Logistics Company to tender for a new Logistics Management System that would help them

have control over identity management issues and thus began scouting for one that implements secure Biometric Access Control at all Levels for all Staff and System wide functions that require top level authorization.

Whether the Software Solution Company loses their Client and their Big Contract with good Revenue earnings or

the Logistics Company finds a new Software Solutions Company to implement a new Logistics Management Software that implements Identity Management functionalities with Biometrics Access Control features is for you to ponder, flip over and think thru!

Would you rather be caught unawares like John’s Boss?

Resolve for Identity Management Problems is integrating Biometrics to Bolster up existing Levels of Access Control

The time to implement Biometrics Authentication in your Software Applications is now!

There’s never going to be an ample green light moment for you when you will all decide and recite in unison, “OK! Let’s do it now!”.

Things happen very fast nowadays and quick decisions are made by companies from all corners of the world by the minute that trigger business processes changes that will affect you in one way or another.

Pause! It better affect you in a positive way!

Competition is rife and no one will accept to be shortchanged for a service they are paying for no matter how less trivial it may appear to be.

You can no longer push back issues to do with Identity Management.

Keeping tabs on what is happening in the Biometrics world is the best way to keep yourself updated and informed.

Important Things about Passwords and Biometrics you should know

Gone are the days, when you would hope from one Computer to another, type your password and voila! “Welcome back [Insert your Name]. You have 4 new e-mails now!”

If you attempt that today with websites like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and many more others which have implemented 2 Factor Authentication.

You will be asked to wait for an SMS or PhoneCall to get an additional Code to prove that it is indeed you trying to gain access to that account and not some other unscrupulous person trying to impersonate you.

The fact that major email providers like Gmail, social media sites like Facebook, and mobile apps like Banking Apps no longer trust passwords and PINs as an only means for identity verification is enough evidence that passwords have long outlived their usefulness.

Leading Laptops manufacturers and Mobile Phones manufacturers have not been left behind.

They have taken note of the insignificance of PINs and Patterns as a means of User identification.

More and more mobile phones are now shipping into markets all over the world with inbuilt Biometrics Authentication features and functionalities.

In almost all areas of our lives where we interact and rely on distributed software systems for service delivery e.g with government services, health care services and many more, use of biometrics is widely being adopted on a large scale in every single passing day.

The NEW Frontiers that are adopting wide scale use of Biometrics

Companies expanding to new markets, regions and diversifying into new niches are finding that they can no longer do things the old way.

Their business operations are getting distributed and so do their software systems need to get distributed as well.

Facebook would not have gained much popularity had it been a stand alone application that is installed like a computer game on a PC.

It had to be web based!

Same case applies to Gmail, Yahoo, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

By the way, have you noted that Microsoft Office has adopted the same approach in recent times?

Google DOCs set the pace and since they have been around for long to know that web browser based platforms are the most available, easily accessible on a variety of computing platforms, reliable, widely adopted and most preferred for launching of modern day innovations, everyone intending to hit the market with a bang knows that the best way to get things done nowadays is to get their product to run on web and let it go viral as people share links online.

I am helping PHP Developers to Design and Develop Biometrics compliant PHP Web Applications by Helping them integrate Biometric Authentication with ease and quickly into their PHP Web Browser based Software Applications.

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK is a Budget Friendly, Simple and an Easy to Integrate Plug and Play Software feature for any PHP Programmer that is tasked with the Humongous responsibility of implementing Biometrics Authentication for User Access Control in a PHP Web Browser Application.

I have made it so Simple and Easy to Integrate with PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK such that you will not need more than 30 minutes to get it up and running if you have already installed a PHP Web Server environment like XAMPP, Easy PHP and the like.

It will now feel like a breeze for PHP Software Engineers working for Software Solutions Companies to Integrate Biometrics into any of their PHP Web Software Applications whether Big or Small.

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK makes it possible for you to authenticate a Person in 3 to 5 seconds for slower computers or in 1 second or less for Computers with High Processing Speeds.

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK is Designed and Developed for Light weight PHP Web Applications with not more than 2099 enrolled Persons in the Database.

Key Features of PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK

  1.  PHP Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Registration sub module (for Fingerprint Enrollment).
  2. PHP Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Verification sub module (for Fingerprint Authentication)..
  3. MySQL Back-end database (SQL Restoration Script).
  4. MariaDB Back-end database (SQL Restoration Script)
  5. Server side scripting code done in PHP.
  6. Client side scripting code done in HTML and JavaScript 
  7. Authenticates up to 1000 Persons with every other person having a maximum of two (2) enrolled Biometric fingerprints.
  8. Computer where it runs should have minimum of at least 8GB RAM and above of Computer Memory

Windows Back-end

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK works on WINDOWS on Client Side as well as on Server Side too.

It does NOT work with any Linux version whatsoever.

If you are looking for a Linux based PHP Biometric Authentication solution which you can serve from a Linux Biometric Server running on Linux Operating Systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Debian check out PHP Linux Biometric Authentication solution.

PHP Biometric Fingerprint Registration

PHP Web Biometrics Fingerprint Registration
PHP Web Biometrics Fingerprint Registration Successful
Enrolling a Person’s two Fingerprints for Fingerprint Registration in a PHP Web Application

PHP Biometric Fingerprint Authentication

PHP Web Biometrics Fingerprint Authentication Successful after a Fingerprint Match is Found
Person Particulars displayed after a Successful Fingerprint Match Authentication
Match NOT Found after PHP Web Biometrics Authentication

Who is PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK best suited for?

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK is best suited for those Developing Budget constrained PHP Web Application Projects with the Humongous Task Requirement of Integrating Biometric Fingerprint Authentication.

It is for those who have LITTLE or NO Experience integrating Biometrics Authentication to PHP Web Application as I will provide you with EasySimple and Quick to add Biometric Authentication code to add into your PHP Web Application without going into the intricacies of Biometric complexity. Less than 30 minutes and you will have it working in your PHP Web Application.

Pre-Requisites for running PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK

PHP Biometric Lite runs only on Windows. The following are the requirements for running it on Windows.

Supported Operating Systems for PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK

Supported Fingerprint Reader Scanners for PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK

Supported Web Browsers for PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK

This PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK supports the following Web Browsers ONLY;

Should you instead be interested in a PHP Biometric Integration solution that you can use on multiple web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, UC Web Browser, Yandex, Torch Web Browser, Maxthon Cloud Web Browser, Opera, Internet Explorer and many more, consider ordering and integrating with PHP Web Biometric Authentication Gold PACK.

Need help to integrate biometric fingerprints to your PHP web application projects?

Jomutech Systems

Do you need help / support to integrate biometric fingerprint enrollment and authentication into your PHP web applications?

If you answer YES to any or all of the above, click on the mail picture below and write to us. We will be glad to guide and offer you professional and technical biometrics expertise to succeed in your project.

Your value gain for Integrating your PHP Web Browser based Application with  PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK.

Here is what you Get and your value Gain ;

  1. PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK + PHP Software Code
    You Get PHP Biometrics Lite pack + Software Code when you Order for this pack.

  2. PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK allows you to Register and Authenticate up to 1000 Persons at Optimal Speeds with every person being required to Enroll 2 Fingerprints only during Registration.

  3. FREE 30 Days / 1 Month Developer and Integration Support
    FREE Developer and Integration Support is offered to see to it that you Successfully integrate your PHP Web Software Application with PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK.

  4. FREE Developer PHP API / Runtime SDK
    When you order the pack, you get Runtime SDK too for FREE.

  5. No SDK License Monthly or Yearly Renewal charges.
    Once you Buy the  PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK , you will get an SDK Runtime environment that will NOT tie you to MANDATORY monthly or yearly renewal charges for you to continue using it. You WILL NOT be asked for either monthly or yearly SDK License renewal charges. You will FREELY use it as long as you want for years to come.

  6. No SDK License Limitations for use with Many Client Computers 
    Use SDK with as many Client Computers in your Organisation / Company as you need. You WILL NOT  have any imposed License Limitation whatsoever tied to number of Client Computers an Organisation / Company chooses to use!
    The only price you pay is for Server Computer Only. If you want to use and deploy it on n number of computers, multiply quoted price with n number of servers.

  7. No SDK License Limitations for use with Many DigitalPersona Fingerprint Readers 
    Use SDK with as many Fingerprint Readers and Scanners in your Organisation / Company as you need. There WILL NOT be any License Limitation whatsoever tied to number of Fingerprint Readers and Scanners an Organisation / Company chooses to use!

  8. Reduce Biometrics Software Development Time and Effort by over 95% ! 
    PHP Biometrics Lite pack is an easy and simple to use Plug and Play Software Code Component that you add into your existing and new PHP Web Application Software Code. You Get to Quickly turn around your project after integrating with it to add Biometrics Fingerprint Authentication into your PHP Web Software Application.

  9. No Guess Work any more or taking chances with Multiple Finger Scanners and Fingerprint Softwares that do not work! 
    Get  PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK  and FREE up yourself Headaches and Trauma of sourcing, spending and implementing solutions that do NOT seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure, Operating Systems and PHP Web Software Applications

  10. There are no Hidden Charges you will ever be Required to Pay 
    There are no other hidden obligations or fees you will later discover that you have to pay for, after you order  PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK . You will get all the above and if you want to get additional help with anything else besides the PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK, Joseph is always willing and ready to assist you. There is a PHP Developer and PHP Integration Support Service for clients interested in enlisting for Extended PHP Developer and PHP Integration Support where they can subscribe for Unique Project(s) consultancy services. Ask for it via e-mail if this is what you need.

Some of the Clients who have Ordered and Integrated with Jomutech Systems’ Biometric PACKs

Why are you still struggling to integrate Biometric Authentication in your PHP Web Application

Why do you still have insecure password authentication for your PHP Web Application?

Why is your PHP Software Application not Biometric Compliant?

Why are you still messing your reputation by using untrustworthy Passwords for authentication and yet we can Help you to integrate with Secure Biometrics authentication in PHP for less?

PHP Biometric Lite pack is Budget FriendlyEasy and Simple to Integrate with and unbelievably Costs less!

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite PACK  is going for  £ 399 only.

This is way below what you would pay to Hire a PHP Software Engineer / PHP Senior Software Developer to Code this for You and, you only take less than 15 minutes to get it integrated in your PHP Web Applications.

In addition to that, I will be right here, working hand in hand with You, providing You Developer and Integration Support online to make sure your Integration with this Biometric PACK is a Success.

I had you in mind! I have made it that Simple and Easy for you to integrate Biometrics in your PHP Web Application and get it Working Right from the very onset!

So, what’s holding you back?

Add this Biometric PACK to Cart to Download it right now, here below for £ 399  only.

PHP Web Biometric Authentication and Integration Lite Software pack

Why Jomutech Systems?

Why choose Jomutech as your Biometrics Integration partner
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