PHP Linux Biometric Authentication

PHP Linux Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Software Pack
PHP Linux Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Software Pack
Photo of a Linux Biometric Authentication Server
Photo of a Linux Biometric Authentication Server


PHP Linux Biometric Authentication is a Linux based Software solution pack that Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Software Project Managers, Lead Software Developers and Software Engineering Managers can plan to integrate with to meet Project timelines of their Software Projects and clear significant Project Milestones.

Should you be looking for a similar solution but for Microsoft Windows Platforms, check out PHP Web Biometric Silver Authentication pack.

Also, should you as a Project Manager, Principal Software Engineer, Principal Tech Lead, Software Solution Architect, Security Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst or any other important Decision Maker in your Organization be looking for Tech Expertise to implement Biometric Finger Capture, Enrollment, Registration and Authentication on your Linux only based Desktops and Linux Servers in PHP Web, I can Help you with that too! Check out this video DEMO for Linux PHP Web Biometric Integration DEMO in Ubuntu 20.04 that I implemented using a DigitalPersona 4500 Finger Scanner Reader. The video DEMO is here below.

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By the way I am reachable on the below contact address below.

Joseph Mwema's Email Address and YouTube Channel's QR Code
Joseph Mwema’s Email Address and YouTube Channel’s QR Code

Let us continue now!

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication is Designed and Developed to make it really Simple, Easy and Quick to integrate Biometric Authentication in Time bound Software Projects developed on the LAMPP stack.

LAMPP stack is the easiest way to implement a PHP, MySQL and Apache 2 Web Browser based Software solution on a Linux based Operating System like RedHat, SUSE, Gentoo, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu.

LAMPP stack is the equivalent of WAMPP stack on a Windows Server only that for a LAMPP (Linux, Apache 2, MySQL or MariaDB, PHP) stack the Operating System platform is Linux based.

Software Developers under a team of a Software Project Manager will be able to quickly integrate PHP Linux Biometric Authentication into their Linux Server and tick off the task of Biometric Authentication in Linux from their list of Project Milestones.

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication is Developed and Designed to make it that Easy and Simple for you as a Software Project Manager to concentrate your Human resources to other demanding parts of your Software Project deliverables so that you deliver your Software Project within the timelines of your Project.

Besides buying PHP Linux Biometric Authentication, I will also give you 1 month of Biometric Developer and Integration Support should you need an extra pair of hands to help you with your Software Project as pertains to Biometrics Authentication.

Let me tell you a little story about some project I was engaged in some years ago.

How PHP Linux Biometric Authentication works

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication demo on Youtube. Click to watch
PHP Linux Biometric Authentication demo on Youtube. Click to watch

Some little story about a SAP Integration Project

While working for a previous employer some years ago, we got a big client sign up for the solution and service we were offering at the time! It was one of those that makes the heads at the top spin!

The Client was one of those Big Government affiliated Companies. The one that the Government has vested interests in and has some considerable number of shares there.

Pull a chair and sit down because I am going to take you thru some quite interesting stuff that played out during the implementation of this project.

One day while in the office working on other chores as a Developer, I get notified that I am going to be the Lead Developer who is going to take care of the integration between this Client’s Software and our Company’s Software so that we could facilitate exchange of data between the two Software Systems.

This Client’s Software was powered by SAP with an Oracle RDBMs back-end.

I should have mentioned this bit about SAP later but I just did. It won’t ruin anything.

So let’s continue.

As you can see, this Project was just your usual integration task that you would be tasked with as a Software Developer.

It was nothing out of the ordinary like you are being asked to develop a software module for landing a space craft safely back on planet earth after a space exploration. Hahaa!

Things seemed to be going to plan from the very onset and activities at our company were all in full gear to get this client on board quickly and start offering them the service they had subscribed for.

At the very beginning we had our first meeting where all stake holders and persons involved with the Software Project from both ends got to meet for the first time.

Everyone seemed all psyched up as we interacted with our peers from the other side.

Hey, have you ever known that during those conjoint projects between two different entities where staff come to work together, that companies / organisations usually sign something called ‘Non Poaching Agreement (NPA)‘ so that companies do not solicit or poach employees from one another?

Most Employees on such Projects do not know that there is a binding ‘Non Poaching Agreement’ between their employer and that other company. I will tell you something about Non Poaching Agreement one day.

Anyway! So if you are eyeing position on the other side, wait until the project is over before you pull off those power moves because there may be a binding NPA that could incapacitate you from making those covert moves.

So much to do with ‘Non Poaching Agreement’, let’s continue for now.

The project members in this Software Integration project included the CTO from the client Side, Accountants from both the Client side and our side, many other people from the Client Side including guys from Networks Department and ‘Their Software Developers’.

Read again … and ‘Their Software Developers’.

I will be telling you something about ‘Their software Developers’ shortly.

I was the only Software Developer from my company who was going to be part of this Software Integration project.

Most of the meetings we had for this Client’s Software Integration Project were happening at the Client offices and non of them took place at our company office as far as I can remember.

After the meetings, I would go back to our office and later on brief my immediate boss, the one I reported to in the role I was hired for in our company.

My boss was a CTO ( Chief Technology Officer) at our company.

I would sit and discuss with him about what transpired at the meeting and kept him posted on what was expected of the developers on this Software Integration project.

The Software Project Manager in charge of this Project was from our end too but I ONLY was supposed to liaise and seek any correspondence about everything relating to this Software Integration Project from my boss, the CTO back at the office.

Now, here is where things start to get interesting.

As days passed, we would occasionally meet at the client’s offices or at a nearby hotel with big conference rooms on weekly basis for project reviews.

In one of those weekly meetings, we came up with a scope of deliverables for this project and as usual, when I went back to the office, I discussed the same with my boss, the CTO.

By the way, do not be surprised if you notice that some of the tenets of Software Project Management here were NOT being adhered to as they should have been.

What I am writing here is a glimpse of the true state of affairs as of that time. It could also be something you also relate with too. If you experience any surprises, please suppress them. Hahaa! At least for the time being.

Do not say I never forewarned you!

Let’s continue.

After reviewing the scope of work document for the Software Integration Project we had come up with at the meetings, my boss advised that we have 2 staging servers for the project.

He was of the thought that, the Client push data to us via a staging server database from their end after which our Software could retrieve it from and we on our end, would do the same and push integration data to the staging server on our end from where the client’s Software could retrieve that data from our end and populate their SAP system with it.

This was the proposition that my boss wanted me to work with for this project.

The 2 staging servers would have allowed the two systems to exchange data for the integration to work seamlessly.

To my boss and I, this setup seemed plausible and we both agreed that this was the best way to go about it because both sides would abstract each other via the staging servers to prevent direct access to either side’s production servers. Good way to do it we thought!

So in one of those review meetings I put across this suggestion and it was captured in the minutes. The client side was supposed to provide a server on their end for the staging server and we too would also do the same on our end to facilitate the smooth integration of the two Systems.

Everything seemed to go to plan up to this far until stay glued on I will tell you shortly on what transpired afterwards.

Here is where I will tell you about ‘Their software Developers’.

You remember I promised to tell you something about ‘Their software Developers’?

Get a second helping of Popcorns because I am just about to spill the beans right now.

About two weeks after we had already gotten a server on our end for the staging server, I had already written code for the major Python modules for pushing data from our production server to the staging server from where the Client would be able to retrieve it and populate their SAP System with it for the integration to work.

From the staging server on our end, it was supposed to be a straight forward activity for the client side to access the data from our staging server and populate their SAP system with it for their internal use.

The Networks and Infrastructure team had already assigned an internal and external IP address to the staging server on our side so that the client could have access to it for Data Retrieval and Population of their SAP system.

Myself, I was prepping to deploy my finished major Python Data components of the software integration I had developed to it.

But things were not going to go to plan as we had anticipated they would !

Their software Developers’ had different plans altogether.

Hang in there I will tell you what ensued aftwards.

Somewhere along the way, in one of the meetings,
Their software Developers’ jumped ship!

In one of those weekly meetings that we usually had, the Client’s CTO and ‘Their software Developers’ pushed for our company to integrate from both ends. That is, we take charge of the integration on both their side and our side.

Imagine someone granting you access to read and write Data to their Production Server?

I swear it sounded to me as though it were a misinformed idea or a neatly set up booby trap! I bet if it was indeed a prepared kill zone, it was truly intended to get me by the balls.

May be there was more to it than I ever got to figure it out at the time because, up until now, it still remains a mystery to me as to why their tech team all agreed to it together with their CTO.

I am so sure that they were just not playing dumb.

By that time, I had finished the major part of the integration on our end and was now piecing up things together to finish the integration part on our end.

With this turn of events, we had to quickly figure out how to write SAP ABAP modules to remit data from their SAP servers back to our end and push data via the same ABAP modules from our end to their SAP System to get the integration done.

Now, in our company we did not have any SAP trained experts whatsoever.

Software Dev folks used to horn their skill set on the internet whenever they were assigned projects on programming languages they had never used before.

This was very normal for us and we liked those challenges and the blitzkrieg experience of learning a new programming language within a short period of time while a project was hanging relentlessly on your flank.

Earlier on, from prior interactions with ‘Their software Developers’, I had established that one of ‘Their software Developers’ had received SAP training in Mumbai India. He was the one who would have handled that part of the Project from their SAP system end.

The other Software Developer, on the client side, was a guy who had earlier on disclosed to me that he had no experience in Programming whatsoever and that he had pursued a Statistics Degree in College.

In my mind, I wondered why they brought someone to a gun fight, armed with a knife only! I knew from the very onset that he would not be of much help to the technical aspects of the Project though he was a nice guy.

The Statistics guy, let me just code name him Einstein for now. Einstein would on some occasions during some of the meetings evaluate things in his own view and understanding of them and suggest something like, ‘someone should conduct a study of X and determine the causation of Y in Z‘.

You know, that phrase is common among researchers, data analysts, statisticians or folks in academia! I do not know how it sounds to you if you are not into causations and stuff! Hahaa!

Though people around him would appear as though to show some curious interest, and sometimes seemed puzzled by what he was saying on those moments when the bouts of statistical light bulb moments hit him, people would soon afterwards get distracted by the tasks of the project assigned to them and be back to discussing the more significant details about the project at hand. Einsten would then be left alone thinking about the next study that should be conducted.

As I later on established, in some of these Government affiliated organizations and institutions, your education background does not really matter per se!

If you have someone at the top who has their way on anything, no one will question whether you are eligible for the job they arranged for you or not.

Maybe Einsten was one of those who had one of those big daddies at the helm of the leadership of this company who could do the big fights for him.

I am not saying your dude Einsten was not qualified but he himself had already mentioned to me that he did not understand a thing about programming and yet he was on the Software Integration Project’s Developer team.

In my view, our friend Einstein would have been in a better place if he was put in an area where his skill set was more needed and required.

But that is their own domestics so I won’t have much to say about it.

I had also noticed that at this client company, if a senior person was walking thru a corridor, the juniors who happened to be on the same corridor, they would literary stop, step aside and push themselves back towards the wall or balcony of the corridor like they wanted the wall to shield them from the seniority approaching them until your highness was gone.

Do you work in a place like that? Hahaa !

Photo of a Linux Biometric Authentication Server
Photo of a Linux Biometric Authentication Server

Back to the integration! Now, as I had earlier on intimated, we did not have any one in our company who had SAP expertise.

I was now the only one running the show after ‘Their software Developers’ bailed out.

They would thereafter all feature in the following meetings we had and stay tight lipped. 

Guess what I was up to now ? I started studying !

I literary started getting every other material that I could lay my hands on about SAP to scrape off whatever knowledge I could to get this Software Integration going.

I love solving Software Programming challenges but this time round, I had very little time on my end to juggle with the very many things I had on my hands.

SAP is broad!  and silly me was here thinking I could learn about SAP within that short time frame to get the integration going.

SAP training is also very expensive as I later on figured out.

My compatriot (the only ‘Software Developer’ who understood stuff about Programming from ‘Their software Developers’ ) had earlier on informed me that his company had spent about USD $ 10,000 for 3 months for his training in Mumbai India.

He told me that they had chosen to train him for SAP in Mumbai because that was the cheapest of all the major cities on the Globe where they could afford to get him schooled for SAP.

I am not complaining, but I do not think my company was even privy to the fact that you needed to have substantial training on SAP to be able to integrate other Software Applications with the SAP ABAP modules.

Somewhere along the way, after flipping thru tons of web content on the internet and hanging out on the SAP website for some time, I found out that I could use some SAP JCO jar files to be able to undertake the integration.

I learned that these SAP JCO jar files could be built if you had SAP installed on your Developer Computer.

It was certain that my Company was not going to Buy SAP so that Joseph could build some SAP source files to get *.jar files for a Client’s integration. Hahaa! There was no way my company’s management was going to allow anything like that to cut into their earnings from this Project. Hahaa!

Building the SAP JCO *.jar source files was out of the way.

By the way, do not ask me why I was not going to ask the SAP guy at the client side to do it for me! Hahaa!

Luckily, one day after finding myself somewhere in the underworld of the internet after digging into a gazillion of web pages, I bumped into the exact SAP JCO *.jar source files I was looking for somewhere on a Spanish website. Interestingly enough, they also had a PDF documentation too.

Boy was I lucky!

I cannot even begin to explain the relief I experienced at that time!

I profusely thanked God and the heavens for making that Spanish website share them on internet.

I still have a backup copy of those SAP JCO *.jar files today so that should I ever come across a SAP project like that one again, I ace it like I had prepared for it all the days of my life as a Programmer.

Here is a screen shot of those SAP JCO sources and *.jar files in my Development Computer today circa 2019. See below.

SAP JCO sources and Java jar files for Windows and Linux SAP ABAP integration with 3rd party Software Applications
SAP JCO sources and Java jar files for Windows and Linux SAP ABAP integration with 3rd party Software Applications

To wind up this little story,

My boss, the CTO at the time, understood the challenge at hand and I think he was grappling with how to raise it with the management. My company was one of those companies that never believed in investing in specialized training for their tech staff. It was quite an odd ball for them at the time.

As I later learned from a friend with whom I was working with at my former company, about a year after I had moved on to another company, the SAP integration never happened! I was told that the client now gets PDF and Excel reports sent to them via e-mail by staff from my former company.

Reflection on the ‘SAP Integration Project’ and shared Similarities with other Software Projects

The same challenges I experienced at that time could also be dogging your Software Project right now or may haunt you at some point.

So how do you counter such?

Not unless you are a company like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Google or those other good and great companies which lay much emphasis on training their staff to equip them for projects they will undertake, you may NOT be lucky enough if your employer does not see the value of training their staff to ready them for the projects they will assign them to.

In such scenarios, you stand to either hire temporary expensive external expertise to plug in the gap you have or integrate with a ready made solutions to get past any milestones that need specialized expertise to get them out of the way.

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication software integration pack is one such type of a solution that comes to your aid if you need to integrate Biometric Authentication in your Linux Software Project and besides that, I will also be available at your beck and call for 1 month to help you with Biometrics Developer and Integration Support should you need an extra pair of hands to hasten the pace of delivering your Software Project.

No company is immune from such hiccups, save for the very best prepared. Take note that, even the very best also get ensnared too and have to strategically change their normal ways of doing things and abandon the old tactics that they have previously relied on in the past to win battles with.

Software Projects do not just mess up people because they are dumb or they are lazy or something like that, but because, some foreign variables were introduced at some stage in the life cycle of a Software Development project. Chances of such like scenarios presenting themselves every so often is very normal and it happens all the time. What guarantees success or an embarrassing fail in the end is how these variables are managed.

A trained and experienced Software Project Manager is able to manage such instances and know how to tackle such feats and still deliver the finished Software Product in good time.

How PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment Works

PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment demo on Youtube. Click to watch
PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment demo on Youtube. Click to watch

Motivation for Developing PHP Linux Biometric Authentication Software Integration pack

The motivation to Design and Develop PHP Linux Biometric Authentication came about from the experience I narrated in the ‘SAP Software Integration Project‘ above.

I considered that some CTO or Software Project Manager somewhere while working on a time bound project with limited resources at their disposal might run into a quagmire similar to what I had and would probably need some Simple, Easy and Quick fix to it.

I developed PHP Linux Biometric Authentication to plug in any gaping hole like this one that would stand in the way of any Software Project Manager implementing a Software Solution in Linux that needed to have Biometric Authentication functionality.

This Linux based PHP Biometric Authentication solution is for all of you wrestling down an Elephant that is threatening to stall your Software Project! I got your back buddies!

If you need Linux Biometric Authentication Server Support or Raspberry Pi Biometric Authentication you can reach out to me for premium support.

Do not stress at all about it! I have the experience you need for dealing with such like Biometric Projects in Linux.

I promise you, I will use my experience with Biometrics to help you succeed in your Biometric Software Project implementation whether in Linux or Raspberry Pi.

PHP Linux Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Web Page

Benefits of integrating with PHP Linux based Biometric Authentication

  1. Quickly integrate Biometric Authentication in your Linux based PHP Software Project in minutes. No time will be wasted on your part as this is already designed and developed to work like a plug and play software feature.
  2. No Steep Learning curve is required to get Biometric Athentication up and running on your Linux Server. Step by Step procedures on how to go about the Biometrics integration will be provided.
  3. Taking time off your Software Project to go study about Biometrics in the middle of your Software Project is not required at all. Step by Step procedure on how to successfully integrate PHP Linux Biometric Authentication in your Linux Software project will be provided to you.
  4. Save Immensely on part time Software Developer Hiring costs. You will not need to hire an external Developer in the middle of your Software Project if you are working on a tight budget.
  5. Get Software Developer and Integration Support for 1 month for Free when you order for PHP Linux Biometric Authentication. Joseph will be available for a month since the day you purchase this solution to help you with any grey areas that you may be struggling with in your Linux Software project.
  6. You will enjoy and have fun when working on the Biometric Authentication milestone of your Linux Software Project. This solution will provide you and your team a smooth integration experience and besides, Joseph will be available to help you for a month should you need an extra helping hand.
  7. Integrating with PHP Biometric Authentication Linux solution will free engagement of your Software Developer resources to work on other demanding areas of your Software Project. It will also give you more ample time to maneuver and work on other time strapped elements of your Software Project. You will reduce Biometric Software Development Time and Effort by over 95%.
  8. Deliver a full working Software Project with no future arising costs for license renewals to keep the integration working long after it was finished. Once you pay for this solution, you will not be required to renew your Software license for it to continue working. It will always work on your Server and the only time you will need to pay for another license is only if you decide to introduce a 2nd or a 3rd or more Linux Servers because the Licensing is one off per Linux Server. It is that stress free with no hidden obligations.
  9. Complete your Software Project while still retaining the sanity of your mind, with the best of your Software Development team still on board and with everyone happy and celebrating to have been part of the team that made things happen. The dynamics of a Software Project should not put you at logger heads with those you have a good working relationships with such that you have nothing in common at the end of the Project. The IT world is so small and a very closely knit community and no matter how far we go, we always bump into each other or with someone we worked with or schooled with before. This Linux based PHP Biometric Authentication software pack will keep you and your team glued together as it is such that any member of your team that is a Software Developer will be able to Quickly integrate it in your Linux Software project and help the entire team navigate past that milestone with ease.
  10. PHP Biometric Authentication solution for Linux supports most of the major and commonly used Linux Operating Systems for Production Servers in the industries. Some of these Linux Operating Systems supported by PHP Linux Biometric Authentication include but are not limited to like RedHat, SUSE, Debian, Fedora, SLES, CentOS, Ubuntu and Oracle Linux. You have a variety of Linux distributions to choose from for your Software Project to integrate with PHP Biometric Authentication for Linux. If your Software Development team is comfortable with one particular Linux distribution, you can go with that to install and integrate your Software Project with PHP Biometric Authentication software pack.

In addition to the above Benefits, you stand to win on many other fronts too by using Linux Server for your Biometrics Project. Here are more Reasons why you should implement Biometric Authentication on a Linux Server.

First Page of PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment
First Page of PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment

Prerequisite for installing and integrating with PHP Biometric Authentication for Linux

Server Architecture Type

  • 64 bit

Server RAM

  • 16 Gb RAM and above

Server Processor Cores

  • More than 4 Cores to take advantage of multi threading

Server Operating System

  • Latest Linux distributions like CentOS 7, Fedora 29, RedHat 7, Ubuntu Server 19.04, Debian 9.8, SLES 15. The Linux distribution should be 64 bit too.

Client Operating System

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Window 10

Web Server Supported

  • Apache 2, Nginx

Scripting Language Supported

  • PHP 7.x, Python 3.x

Linux Database back-end

  • MySQL 5.7, MySQL 8.x, MariaDB 10. The Database should be 64 bit.

Internet for downloading the PHP Biometric Authentication Linux based source files.

Screenshot showing Fingerprint 2 has been enrolled and ready for archiving together with Person Particulars to Linux Biometric Server Database

Fingerprint 2 Enrolled in PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment on Windows Client Computer
Fingerprint 2 Enrolled in PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment on Windows Client Computer

Screenshot showing Successful Fingerprint Registration on the Windows Client Side. The Person Particulars and Biometric Fingerprint Data have been Successfully Saved to the Linux Biometric Server

Person Particulars and Biometric Fingerprint Data Successfully Saved in Linux Biometric Server
Person Particulars and Biometric Fingerprint Data Successfully Saved in Linux Biometric Server

Screenshot for PHP Linux Biometric Enrollment on Client Computer running on Windows

Windows Client Computer with Fingerprint Scanner Connected to it
Windows Client Computer with Fingerprint Scanner Connected to it

Screenshot for PHP Linux Biometric Authentication Database Back-end and SQL Table Structure in MySQL Database.

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication Database Back-end and SQL Table Structure in MySQL Database

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication Database Back-end and SQL Table Structure in MySQL Database

Screenshot for PHP Linux Biometric Enrolled Fingerprints and Person Data in MySQL Database.

PHP Linux Biometric Enrolled Fingerprints and Person Data in MySQL Database.

PHP Linux Biometric Enrolled Fingerprints and Person Data in MySQL Database.

Screenshot for PHP Linux Biometric Authentication showing Fingerprint MATCH FOUND

PHP Linux Biometric Fingerprint Authentication showing a Successful Fingerprint Match Found
PHP Linux Biometric Fingerprint Authentication showing a Successful Fingerprint Match Found

Screenshot for PHP Linux Biometric Authentication showing Fingerprint MATCH NOT FOUND

PHP Linux Biometric Fingerprint Authentication showing Fingerprint Match NOT Found
PHP Linux Biometric Fingerprint Authentication showing Fingerprint Match NOT Found

Want to consult Joseph about ‘PHP Linux Biometric Authentication’ Software Integration pack? Fill in the Form below and I will be in touch shortly!

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication Software Pack
PHP Linux Biometric Authentication Software Pack

Some of the Clients who have Ordered and Integrated with Jomutech Systems’ Biometric PACKs

PHP Linux Biometric Authentication Software pack + 1 Server License + 1 Month Developer and Integration Support by Joseph himself goes for GBP £ 6997.

GUARANTEE. Your Money BACK if this Biometric solution does NOT work!
GUARANTEE. Your Money BACK if this Biometric solution does NOT work!

If you intend to use it for more than one Linux Servers, multiply the pricing by the number of Linux Servers.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to Pay for it. You can ask PayPal to Debit your Company’s Bank Account by specifying your Company’s Banking Card Details when you click the PayPal button below.

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