How can I add biometric verification in PHP?

This post attempts to respond to the Question, Where can I get premium based services for biometric verification in PHP? in simplicity. However, if this does not adequately address How can I add biometric verification in PHP? You can enlist my expertise to provide you Paid Software Development for your Project.

You can quickly add Biometrics Fingerprint Authentication in PHP with ease if you have a Good Fingerprint Scanner that can work on a Web Browser based Application.

See screenshot below of a previous Biometrics integration where I added Fingerprint Authentication into a PHP Web Biometric Application that runs on Linux.

Linux PHP Web Biometric Integration
Linux PHP Web Biometric Integration

First and foremost you need to figure how to do the following;

  1. How to Capture Biometric Fingerprint Data in a PHP web application and save to its back end.
  2. Then you need to figure out which Fingerprint scanner / reader can work with your PHP web application.
  3. In the end, you got to find a way to carry out Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in your PHP web application on the server side.
  4. You also need to plan how to safely store the enrolled Biometrics Fingerprint Templates in a Good, Stable and Secure RDBMs Database like the latest MySQL 8.0.12 Database.
  5. If your application is going to be run outside your HQ ( Head Quarters ) e.g. in another Branch or at a Remote site or a different Geographical Region from where Server is hosted, it is better to secure your URL by adding an SSL certificate on your PHP server so that you do not have links that start with http : // yourDomain/BiometricsAuthentication . php but instead have secure links that start with https : // yourDomain/BiometricsAuthentication . php . That will make your PHP Web Biometrics Application more secure in Client Web Browsers.

If you get the above steps in order you will find that you can do Biometric Fingerprint Verification in PHP real quick, Save immensely on Software Development Time and Implementation Costs.

Sometimes, though it is most of the times, Companies make PHP Developers choose the wrong Fingerprint scanners / readers for their PHP Web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication development tasks. Not all manufacturers have APIs for talking to their Fingerprint Scanner Devices on web ( … read PHP Web Applications )

I have had significant success with DigitalPersona 4500 series of Fingerprint Scanners / Readers for Developing and integrating PHP web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in PHP Web Browser Applications. You can use a Fingerprint Scanner of your choice though!

If you feel like you do not have too much time to code for Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in PHP and you do not want to spend much on hiring onsite Software Developers, you could consider integrating with a ready made PHP Web Biometrics Aythentication and Integration Software pack that should Quickly and Efficiently help you with this task.

I hope this brief reply Helps you figure out How Biometric Fingerprint Authentication works in PHP web based Applications.

Let me know if I responded adequately to your Question. If this is something you would like me to elaborate on more further, I will be glad to expound more on my answer.

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