Web Biometric Enrollment (Fingerprint Registration)

What is Web Biometric Enrollment? You could also reframe this Question to ask, What is Web Biometric Registration? Web Biometric Enrollment is the Capture of a Person’s Biometric Data for the first time into a Biometric System’s Database together with their other particulars that uniquely identify them like Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Nationality.… Continue reading Web Biometric Enrollment (Fingerprint Registration)

Simple PHP Web Biometric Authentication

PHP Web Biometric Authentication

Simple PHP Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Software Module for Developing and Integrating DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader / Scanner with Web Browser Applications and Websites Need Help to add Biometric Fingerprint Authentication in your PHP Software Applications? I will show you how I did it and I can Help your Company, Organisation or Institution to integrate with the same too ! Should you be looking for a Web based PHP Biometric Authentication solution… Continue reading Simple PHP Web Biometric Authentication

PHP Web Biometrics Authentication using Multiple Fingerprint Scanners

PHP Web Biometric Registration and Authentication

PHP Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Software Source Code Module Supporting over 20 Types of Fingerprint Scanners / Fingerprint ReadersDeveloped in PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML for Integration to Web Browser Applications Use Any Biometric Fingerprint Reader Scanner to Integrate Fingerprint Authentication to your Web Application with this Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module 10 Finger Capture in PHP using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner… Continue reading PHP Web Biometrics Authentication using Multiple Fingerprint Scanners