ASP.NET Web Browser based Biometric Fingerprint Verification

This is the easiest and simple to use ( Software code has already been done for you. Your task is to integrate these code snippets into your web application. Like Plug and Play in hardware. Lets just say Copy Paste into your Code and you are done. ) web based fingerprint registration and authentication module you will probably come across for integrating a fingerprint reader scanner of your choice to your web applications and web projects. NO LIMITATION on choice of Fingerprint Reader Scanner to use unlike this Web based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module which is limited to fingerprint reader scanners of type Digitalpersona only. To implement this Web Fingerprint Authentication Module you will require this API, Griaule’s Fingerprint 2009 API.

By giving you this module, we are equipping you with a capable gun to take on with brevity any web based fingerprint authentication related project to the amusement, satisfaction and pleasure of your clients’ web based software projects.

The Fingerprint API used, Fingerprint Reader Scanners Supported and the Web Fingerprint Authentication Module are discussed in the subsequent sections below.

Fingerprint API

This web based fingerprint registration and authentication module uses the Griaules Fingerprint 2009. To use this web fingerprint module, you will need to get this API from Griaule website.

The one advantage that Griaule Fingerprint 2009 API has over other Fingerprint APIs is that it supports a variety of Fingerprint Readers / Scanners We have used it with a Digitalpersona 4500, Digitalpersona 4000, Digitalpersona 4000B, Secugen Hamster Plus and an M2SYS fingerprint scanners with significant good results on a variety of biometric fingerprint registration and identification projects. Unfortunately it costs an arm and a leg because you pay for a licence for every computer your web application runs in (even client PCs). The licensing is expensive than your hardware and more costly than the cost of this Web Fingerprint Module. It is suitable for large organisations, companies and governments ( ... SMEs are intentionally omitted to help you figure out how steep the up climb is ). When you choose to go the Griaule API way, the client PC(s) where you run the Web fingerprint authentication application and your hosting server have to be connected to the internet for installation and validation of the Key Licenses ( you know how Kaspersky Antivirus works? These folks do not gamble with their dime! They give you a good solution but its API costs a dime! Many other newer solutions too are also very expensive. Do the maths, do you really have to support many fingerprint readers / scanner and pay so much to achieve the same functionality that you would still get with this PHP Web Fingerprint Authentication Module that gives you the Fingerprint API for free when you Order for this Module?

Fingerprint Readers Scanners supported by Griaule’s Fingerprint 2009 API

The following fingerprint readers’ scanners are supported. Griaule Biometrics also mentioned that as long as you can install the fingerprint reader scanner drivers of a particular fingerprint reader scanner into your operating system, their API will be able to talk to the fingerprint reader. Get their Griaule Fingerprint SDK 2009 and test it today with your fingerprint reader if your scanner is not any one of these listed below and see how great this API is.

☛ Authentec AES1610
☛ Authentec AES2501
☛ Authentec AES2550
☛ Authentec AES4000
☛ Certis Image Orcanthus
☛ Crossmatch V250
☛ Crossmatch V300 LC
☛ Crossmatch V310 LC
☛ Crossmatch V320 LC
☛ Digent FD1000
☛ Digital Persona U.are.U 4000/4000B
☛ Digital Persona U 4500
☛ Eikon
☛ Futronic FS50
☛ Futronic FS80
☛ Futronic FS84
☛ Futronic FS88
☛ IDTECH Biomag I
☛ IDTECH Biomag II
☛ Lumiden Mercury series
☛ Lumiden Venus Series
☛ M2SYS M2-S
☛ Microsoft Fingerprint Reader
☛ Nitgen Hamster DX
☛ Nitgen Hamster I
☛ Nitgen Hamster II
☛ Nitgen Hamster III
☛ OFIS FingerTec
☛ Secugen Hamster FDU02
☛ Secugen Hamster Plus
☛ Suprema BioMini
☛ Suprema BioMini Plus
☛ Testech Bio-I
☛ Testech Nexes
☛ UPEK TouchChip (PID 0x2015)
☛ Verifi P4000
☛ Verifi P4500
☛ Verifi P5000
☛ ZK7000
☛ Zvetco P2500
☛ Zvetco P5100
☛ Zvetco P6000
☛ Zvetco P6000-B

Software Developers, Systems integrators, Web developers and Security Web Engineers interested in a Web based Fingerprint Module that can talk to more than one type of fingerprint readers requested for a Web based Fingerprint Authentication Module that was NOT Limited to one type of a fingerprint reader which they could get and integrate fingerprint registration and authentication to their Web Applications and Web Projects with ease. We heard you! Here is the ready solution to your problems. It is a very Simple and Easy to use Web Fingerprint Integration Code that allows you to use a variety of the many Fingerprint Readers Scanners in the market from different fingerprint readers scanners’ manufacturers.

This Web Fingerprint Integration Module is developed using the following Web Technologies;

Client Side:
☛ JQuery
☛ JavaScript

Server Side:
☛ Php


Web Browsers Supported

This Web Fingerprint Authentication Module supports Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11

Good News! There are multiple ways to run Web Projects and Web Applications you have integrated with this Web Fingerprint Authentication Module in your favorite web browser. One of those ways is by using IE Tab (commercial), Fire IE (free) or by getting any other web browser extensions that allow running of ActiveX on other web browsers other than Internet Explorer in Windows to run this Web FingerprintAuthentication Module in Firefox, Chrome etc.

Initially you may have been limited to only Internet Explorer to run ActiveX controls for Fingerprint Authentication and Registration but thanks to the many Web Browser Extensions today that can be installed to client web browsers, the dream of running fingerprint authentication and registration to Chrome and Firefox and other Web Browsers is now possible.

Sub Component of this Web Fingerprint Authentication Module

What does this Web Fingerprint Authentication module consist of?

This Web FingerprintAuthentication Module consists of the following;
☛ Web Fingerprint Registration Module
☛ Web Fingerprint Identification Module
☛ Restoration Database Script (MySQL)

Web Fingerprint Registration Module

The Web Fingerprint Registration Module has a very basic simple code that Captures a the following Particulars of a Staff which are First Name, Surname , Other Names, Staff NO, Telephone Number and 2 Fingerprints. The developer can add more fields to capture more data as they may deem relevant to capture during fingerprint registration of their web application e.g. including Gender, Nationality, Patient NO, Social Security Number, National Identity NO, Date of Birth, Blood Group, Religion etc.

During Fingerprint Registration, a subject is required to place and remove their Fingerprint onto the reader 4 times for the 1st fingerprint to be captured then place their Fingerprint again onto the reader 4 times for the 2nd fingerprint to be captured. We have achieved best results by using Left Index and Right Index finger though you can use thumbs or any of the fingers you need for your software web project. See below Screenshot of Web Fingerprint Registration module.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Once a Staff particulars have been entered into the input fields as required and 2 Fingerprints captured, the Save Fingerprints button is then clicked to save the information to database. The [System Statistics & Logs] text area updates you as the developer of what is happening in the background though when you develop your end software product with this module, you may choose to remove this text area or use text that users of your system can understand (though not necessary for them).

If the Staff’s data and fingerprints are successfully saved into the database, the module will redirect you to this web page jmu_ippass.php and if there was a problem in saving to database, it will redirect you to jmu_ipfail.php.

Web Fingerprint Identification Module starts at jmu_enroll.php Script (You will see how simple and straight forward it is to integrate it into your web project for fingerprint registration when you get this module)

See below screenshots of Web Fingerprint Registration Module.

Successful Fingerprint Registration

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Failed Fingerprint Registration

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Web Fingerprint Identification Module

Web Fingerprint Identification Module performs fingerprint authentication of a subject against existing archived data of Staff from MySQL database. The subject is required to press their finger onto the fingerprint reader and immediately the Web Fingerprint Authentication Module code captures their fingerprint image and extracts a fingerprint template from which it performs identification (1: N) of the subject against all other registered fingerprints and uniquely identifies the person if they exist in the database or denies their existence in the system’s database.

Web Fingerprint Identification Module starts at jmu_identify.php Script (You will see how simple and straight forward it is to integrate it into your web project for fingerprint identification when you get this module)

By the way, should you be looking for a Web based Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module that supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other Web Browsers which support HTML5 features, check out HTML5 Web Browser Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module New

A Successful Identification will spit out [STAFF RETRIEVED SUCCESSFULLY] in the Web Fingerprint Identification Module’s text area and display the particulars of the identified subject as shown below.

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

Where a subject is not identified (implying not registered) in you web system database, the Web Fingerprint Identification Module’s text area displays [STAFF NOT FOUND]. See below

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

After identification the programmer can choose what to do thereafter with the identified staff. This module does the heavy lifting for you and lets you decide what to do in your web application after fingerprint identification.

Restoration Database Script (MySQL)

Web Fingerprint Authentication Module Code comes with a MySQL Restoration Script that creates a database and a table with which you can use to save registered staff particulars and their fingerprints into an SQL database. The data types are set for you so that you do not have to struggle trying to figure out what data types and lengths to use. You can choose to use any database e.g. Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL or any other SQL based RDBMS but this module is implement in MySQL.

The programmer can add other fields into the table or create new tables in the database as is deemed necessary in their project.

The module uses a database named fp and a table named staff.
Here is a description of the table structure used.

Kapkt_idno is an INT data type with AUTO_INCREMENT (Identity column uniquely identifying a row)
StaffNo is a VARCHAR data type of length 50 (Saves Staff Number)
FirstName is a VARCHAR data type of length 50 (Saves Staff’s First Name)
Surname is a VARCHAR data type of length 50 (Saves Staff’s Surname)
Othernames is a VARCHAR data type of length 50 (Saves Staff’s other names)
Telephone is a VARCHAR data type of length 50 (Saves Staff’s Telephone Number)
Fpdata1 is a VARCHAR data type of length 3000 (Saves Staff’ Fingerprint One)
Fpdata2 is a VARCHAR data type of length 3000 (Saves Staff’s Fingerprint Two)

See screenshot below showing Web Fingerprint Authentication Module’s SQL database and table structure below;

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

See screenshot below showing Staff Particulars and Fingerprints saved in MySQL Table Database below;

Web based Biometric Fingerprint Login Picture

We used this Web Fingerprint Authentication Module to develop this Web based Biometric Fingerprint Patient Identification Software here for Kapkatet District Hospital and integrated it with their Hospital Management Information System. See pictures on this link and take note of how we had more input fields to capture Patient’s particulars in our Patient Fingerprint Registration Modules.

How do you Gain and Win by using this Web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication Module ?

☛ Save on development costs and hiring costs
☛ Save on development time
☛ Quick turnaround time for your end product to your clients
☛ Easy and Simple Code to Integrate and Develop into your Web Projects
☛ No need for hiring developers to station at your workplace
☛ Adding Fingerprint Authentication to Web Application is now a breeze
☛ No more headaches or heartaches required to learn new things, just integrate this web fingerprint authentication module to your web code.
☛ Surprise and clear competition by developing state of the art and robust web applications with fingerprint authentication features.
☛ Increase ROI by adding this module into your assets of code snippets that make you hack a big project in a short instance.
☛ With this code you have more time to prospect for new projects and businesses unlike managing a team of developers at your disposal to come up with this module.
☛ Software consultancy becomes easier as you can now confidently promise clients to help them manage authentication problems by use of biometric fingerprints with this web based identity software solution.

Should you want to clarify anything about this Web Fingerprint Authentication Module, write to us on the below E-mail below;


You too can develop and use this Web Fingerprint Authentication Module to develop and Integrate Web Fingerprint Registration and Authentication into your Web Projects and Web Applications. We are offering you this module for USD $ 1275 which is a 25% off Discount from the initial price of USD $ 1700.

Get it today for USD $1275 only and do not forget to send us a thank you note when your ROI goes up!