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Angular Biometric Integration using a Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

Angular Biometric Integration using a Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

In the mid year 2021, after Successfully doing a React Biometric Integration, I asked myself why not do an Angular Biometric Integration using the same Columbo Fingerprint Scanner.

Having done other Web Biometric integrations using various Frameworks, I thought to myself that I could also do an Angular Biometric Integration and assess how difficult or easy it would be to work on an Angular based Web Biometric Identity Management solution.

In recent times, Software Developers are more inclined to choose to implement their solutions with React Native than with Angular.

That’s my unscientific observation. I have no data to back it up with.

However, if you take a keen observation on what Software Developers are saying on the internet, you may notice that there is more buzz about React on Developer Platforms.

With this observation in mind, I could have as well bothered less about Angular and went with the majority’s flow but then I wanted to do what I do best about Biometrics on Angular too just like I had done so with React Native.

After doing multiple Biometric integrations on other JavaScript based frameworks, if asked to choose any other framework, I would go for Angular. I enjoyed doing the Biometric Integration for Angular.

That is my take as of this time of writing circa 2022, I know I have not had significant exposure working on very many other web frameworks based on other programming languages to even begin comparing them with Angular but that’s just what I feel.

The first time someone ever recommended that I try out Angular was I guess around year 2016. The friend was a Delphi developer. I rarely come across Delphi developers but this was one guy who had been developing and supporting a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) that is widely deployed and in use by many Healthcare Service Providers in my country.

For a long time I really wondered what my Delphi Software Developer friend saw in Angular that he decided to develop applications using it and get to recommend it to his friends.

Getting to do anything on Angular was not a priority in the many Software Applications that I have developed over the years but this time round I decided to get started with Angular by developing and doing an Angular Biometric Integration using a Columbo Fingerprint Scanner.

Here is a photo of a Columbo Biometric Scanner. See below.

Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

The Angular Biometric Integration that I did works on Windows only!

This is a screenshot of my Windows based Angular Biometric Integration App. See below picture.

Capturing Fingerprint on a Columbo Biometric Fingerprint Scanner in Windows on my Angular Biometric Integration DEMO App

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Because of this, I do not take up any work from students or anyone who thinks I should voluntarily come to their aid and offer them a free helping hand. I have an active spam filter that detects such like emails and automatically deletes them before I even get to see them.

Preparing to Create an Angular Biometric Integration DEMO Application

To get the Angular Biometric integration started I did the following to set up my environment.

Screenshots of Preparations of Setting up my Developer Environment for Angular Biometric Integration

Checking version of NODE version of NPM and then installing angular CLI in readiness for coding my Angular Biometric Integration DEMO App
Creating WORKSPACE and generating library and dependent code for my Angular Biometric Integration DEMO App
Running my Angular Biometric Integration DEMO App using ng serve –open COMMAND

Having followed the above steps, I set out to code my Angular Biometric integration App on Visual Studio Code using my Columbo Biometric Scanner.

Requisite Requirements for Angular Biometric Integration using a Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

Software Requirements

Server Computer Hardware Requirements

Client Computer Hardware Requirements

Biometric Finger Scanner Requirements

Challenges Experienced when implementing Angular Biometric Integration using a Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

Overall Experience when implementing when implementing Angular Biometric Integration using a Columbo Fingerprint Scanner

Other Biometric Fingerprint and Iris Recognition Integrations that I can Help you with

Screenshot of Back-end showing Registration Component of my Angular Biometric Integration DEMO App

Register Component HTML code for my Angular Biometric Integration DEMO App

Video DEMOS of Angular Biometric Integration

Angular Web Biometric Fingerprint Registration DEMO – This is NOT A TUTORIAL
AngularJS Web Biometric Fingerprint Authentication DEMO – This is NOT A TUTORIAL

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