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I Help People like You, Companies, Organizations, Schools and SMEs to Develop Biometrics Software Solutions and Integrate Biometrics Enrollment and Authentication features into their Software Applications in Linux, Android, Web, Microsoft Windows and Raspberry Pi.

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I will not delegate your Biometric Project to someone else who does not understand it.

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Hey! By the way I did a PHP Web Biometric integration using an Integrated Biometrics Columbo finger scanner. It was my first time doing an LES finger scanner integration for a Web based solution in PHP. Check it out here below;

PHP Web Biometric Integration App Demo

Check out this ASP.NET Web Biometric Integration Demo that I implemented using Columbo Fingerprint Scanner.

Is your Enterprise Software Application built on Oracle APEX and you want to add Biometrics for Finger Capture, Registration and Authentication? I can Help you with that ! See this Oracle APEX Biometric Integration demo.

Oracle APEX Biometric Integration

Does your organization run an Angular App solution? See an Angular Biometric Authentication App Demo here below that I implemented using Mariadb SQL Database backend and with a Columbo Finger Scanner.

Angular Web Biometric Authentication App Demo

Do you want to implement the many aspects of your Web Application with components and hence manage them with ease using states? I understand that bit too! That’s why I had you in mind when I developed this ReactJS Biometric Authentication App. See below React Biometric Integration App Demo.

ReactJS Web Biometric Authentication App Demo

Here is a Nodejs Biometric Fingerprint Registration and Identification integration that I did in the past using a DigitalPersona 4500 Scanner.

NodeJS Web Biometric Authentication App Demo

As you can see from the above Biometric Demos, I am well exposed in developing and implementing Biometrics on a variety of Computing Technologies and this skillset puts me in a position where I can tackle Biometric Integrations of diverse Programming Languages and Computing Platforms. Let me know what Programming Language your Software Application is Developed in and the Computing Platform it is designated to run on and I will Help you integrate Biometric Authentication into it.

When you send me e-mails, I will NOT bug you with those Robotic Responses to your Biometric Inquiries or respond back to You with Choreographed Answers to your Biometric Questions. So, hit me up Right Now! on Joseph’s Contact Page to get started. I am waiting !

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So why are you still Struggling with your Biometrics Project when you can PiggyBack on a Biometrics Integration PACK to get that part of your Project Milestone accomplished?

Check out some of the Biometric Integration PACKs here below that I have Previously Developed that you can consider Integrating with to add Biometric Authentication in your Web, Cloud, RaspberryPi and Android Application(s) here below.

Jomutech Systems’ Sedated Monkey

Do NOT struggle with your Biometrics Project, be like Sedated Monkey! Piggy Back on a ready working Biometrics Integration PACK to add Biometrics Authentication to your Software Project and save Immensely on Software Development Time, Software Integration Costs and Software Developer Hiring Costs.

A Web Browser based Biometric Iris integration for Irises Capture, Registration and Identification that I did in the past


(Securely, Smoothly and Quickly integrate Biometrics)

Below are some Biometric Authentication and Integration Software PACKS that you can Order and Buy to Help you Securely, Smoothly and Quickly Integrate Biometrics Enrollment and Biometrics Authentication into your Software Application.

You do NOT need to be an Expert Software Developer to Integrate with either of these Biometrics Software Integration packs. I equip you with these Biometrics Software Integration PACKs to Securely, Smoothly and Quickly do it on your own.

Integrating with any of these Biometrics Software Integration packs feels like toying with a Plug and Play feature and besides, if you ever need Biometrics Integration Developer Support, I Joseph Mwema I am within reach and right here for you!

Here are ready packs for you to SSQ with !

Now get your Biometrics Integration completed and done with once and for all !

I have availed everything at your disposal to get you past this hurdle Securely, Smoothly, Quickly and with Ease.

PHP Web Biometric Authentication Lite Software PACK
JavaScript Web Biometric Authentication, Enrollment and Integration Software pack
ASP.NET Web Biometric Authentication, Enrollment and Integration Software Pack
NodeJS Web Biometric Authentication, Enrollment and Integration Software pack
PHP Linux Biometrics Authentication and Identification Software Pack
PHP Biometric Authentication and Identification Linux Server pack
Raspberry Pi Biometric Authentication PACK
PHP Web Biometric Gold Authentication PACK
HTML5 Web Biometric Authentication, Enrollment and Integration Software Pack
Python Web Biometric Authentication, Enrollment and Integration Software pack
PHP Biometric Authentication and Identification Windows Server pack
Android Biometric Authentication PACK using External USB Fingerprint Scanner
PHP Web Biometric Authentication and Identification Silver PACK
ZKTeco PHP web Biometric Authentication Software PACK

Some of the previous Clients that I have Helped to integrate Biometrics in their Software Applications

Convert Biometric Fingerprint Images to Electronic Fingerprint Template Data Formats and Save them in a RDBMs Database

Are you Looking for Help to Convert a collection of Biometric Fingerprint Images in either PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, RAW formats from any Fingerprint Scanner ( numbering 1, 2, 5, 100, 1000, 50000, 1000000, 5000000 or even more ) to Electronic Fingerprint Template Data Formats like WSQ, INTERMEDIATE, ANSI 378, ISO 19794-2, ISO 19794-4, DP_REG_FEATURES or DP_VER_FEATURES for easier archiving in an RDBMs Databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Cassandra, Redis etc?

If so, you only need to send the Fingerprint images you want to convert to Electronic Fingerprint Template Data Formats to Jomutech Systems then specify the Final Fingerprint Template Data Format you require and in less than 15 minutes you will get the converted Fingerprint Templates with your specified Fingerprint Template Data. Click any one of the below to get started!

Convert an Existing Fingerprint Image from any Fingerprint Scanner to ISO Fingerprint Template Data Format
Convert ANSI Fingprint Data Template to ISO Fingerprint Data Template
Convert an Existing Fingerprint Image from any Fingerprint Scanner to ANSI Fingerprint Template Data Format
Convert ISO Fingerprint Data Template to ANSI Fingerprint Data Template

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