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10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Finger Scanner

This time round I did a 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Finger Scanner. I finally got to grab a KOJAK Finger Scanner and taught it How to Speak PHP on Windows. Very soon after I wean it, I will teach it How to speak other Programming and Scripting Languages that I speak and take it for a holiday tour on a Linux park when it grows up.

10 Fingerprint Scanners cost an Arm and a Leg

The KOJAK Finger Scanner was my first ever 10 Fingerprint Scanner which can also do capturing of Rolled Fingers that I got to have my own.

On average, most 10 Fingerprint Scanners retail above USD $650. This is based on the prices that I have previously come across on the market.

The least expensive 10 Fingerprint Scanner that I know was priced at USD $699.99. It was a Mantra’s MORPHS 60 from India. They removed the USD $ 0.01 as a marketing gimmick to make me think it is the only 10 Fingerprint Scanner that is currently priced at USD six hundred.

At USD $ 700, Mantra’s MORPHS 60 Finger Scanner cannot do rolled fingers. I think if they do come up with one that has the feature for doing rolled fingers it will likely come at an additional price of USD $100 or more above the asking price they gave me in December 2021.

I can bet that if in future I get a prospective client interested in their type of scanners who is willing to procure dozens of their units devices, we can negotiate that price downwards.

If there are other fairly price 10 Finger Scanners that you think I should check out, please send me an email and tell me about them.

So why did you decide to Buy a KOJAK Finger Scanner?

KOJAK Biometric Finger Scanner

Why I chose to buy a KOJAK Finger Scanner in preference to any other types of 10 Finger Scanners in the market today?

Being a Biometrics hobbyist and a Software Engineer ( I like to think of myself more as a Biometrics Engineer than a Software Developer ), my choice of an ideal Biometric Scanner is usually one that has the following properties and one that guarantees the following;

I wonder How the KOJAK Finger Scanner would handle sustained and frequent mishandling at a busy rugged workstation?

I am still handling mine with kids gloves because I broke my bank account to buy it. That was money I would have used to do something else.

Anyway, I want to first make good use of it and plough back my initial investment from using it on various diverse projects before I even begin to find out how it performs when pushed to the limits.

Governments, Banks, Institutions and Companies with significant funding at their disposal and who have signed maintenance contracts with the manufacturers of the KOJAK Finger Scanner can subject their devices to significant limits and quickly replace the unit devices which breakdown.

Myself I cannot dare do that. The price of 5 unit devices of KOJAK Finger Scanners is equivalent to the price of a decent car here.

After doing my math and calculating my risks, I found that the KOJAK Finger Scanner met most of my requirements. I had planned to have this unit device for like over 2 years before I bought it.

The only thing about the KOJAK Finger Scanner that makes me a little bit concerned is the material for its Platen ( where users place their Fingers for Scanning ) it looks brittle and the way the device is made is that it has no serviceable parts or replaceable components.

Luckily, their unit devices ship with a plastic rubber-ish cover for covering the Platen when you are not using the device so that dust and objects do not fall on it and cause it harm.

So I guess, if you break anything and you do not have a service maintenance contract with them, your goose is cooked and you now have to part with USD $ 950 for replacement of a new one.

I can code on just about any Computing platform and have done so previously on Linux, Android, Windows, Web and on Raspberry Pi.

The KOJAK Finger Scanner comes with drivers for all these platforms which for me is a very BIG Win because I am not confined to working with the device on Client projects supporting only one platform.

The device equips me with the capability to work with it on more than one computing platform which is the freedom I want to have when using any Finger Scanner.

For these features I could decisively agree to part with my cash for this unit device.

By the way, if you have been taking a keen interest on this device, you may have noticed that quite a number of companies that are offering full end client products have proposed and delivered their solution integrated with this unit device. You can check out some of these Companies’ Biometric products on Integrated Biometrics’ Partner Solutions web page.

So if this is the trend ( do not go with trends, always know and understand your biometric authentication need well and always conduct enough market research before going to the market to find a fingerprint scanner that provides the solution that you want ) and going by the look of things ( what other biometric solution providers are choosing to integrate with for their target client solutions ), I do not think I made a bad decision in acquiring a KOJAK Finger Scanner too.

I am confident in recommending a KOJAK Finger Scanner to a prospective client who is seeking to integrate a 10 Finger Scanner for their Software System.

By the way I have not been paid by anyone to run my mouth like this. I am very open to trying out various 10 Finger Scanners as my budget permits or as is decided by choice of a prospective client.

I cannot abandon a good paying project because a client is going to use a different type of a 10 Finger Scanner, if anything, that will be my chance of working and owning another type of a 10 Finger Scanner and will jump on it at the earliest opportunity.

I am not loyal to a brand but to a product that helps me meet my client’s business need to their satisfaction.

If there is a type of a 10 Finger Scanner that helps me provide my client a solution that perfectly addresses their business problem in a timely and cost effective manner so that I deliver a solution that is easy and simple to support and maintain, that is what I will bet my money on.

So much to do with the KOJAK Finger Scanner. Let’s move on to integrating KOJAK Finger Scanner in PHP.

10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Using a KOJAK Finger Scanner for my 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Whenever I get a hold of a new Biometric Scanner, when not for a Client Project, the first integration I usually carry out with that Biometric Scanner to welcome it to my collection of my Biometric Scanners is usually with PHP.

I could use just about any other Programming and Scripting Language but I prefer that all my Biometric Scanners were initiated into my Biometrics integration service with PHP.

Almost all my Biometric Scanners speak PHP except for my Futronic FS88H Finger Scanner.

I bought the Futronic FS88H Finger Scanner because I was getting frequent requests for Developer and Integration support from Brazil and wanted to have this device ready should some of those random emails turn out to be potential leads that I could convert to muito bom clients.

Hey! But Guess what? Never did any of those leads materialize to anything and so my Futronic FS88H Finger Scanner continues to gather dust on the shelf.

I have never felt the motivation to unpack that Futronic FS88H Finger Scanner from the box it shipped with and do anything with it leave alone to start teaching it How to speak PHP.

Forget about Brazil for now I will talk about my Brazil experiences on another article post in the future and share some crazy stories that will leave your jaws dropping if not your ribs aching from laughter! Story for another day!

Edit: February 2024 – Moving forward to December 2023 and January 2024, I decided to develop and showcase Video DEMOs for prove of concept using my Futronic FS88H Fingerprint Scanner. I did the following PHP Web Biometric Integrations using my Futronic FS88H Biometric Fingerprint Scanner. Here they are;

  1. Futronic FS88H PHP Web Biometric Registration
  2. Futronic FS88H PHP Web Biometric Authentication

Watch the Futronic FS88H PHP Web Biometric Integration Video DEMOs here below.

Futronic FS88H PHP Web Biometric Registration
Futronic FS88H PHP Web Biometric Authentication

So when my KOJAK Finger Scanner arrived, I was not planning to handle and deal with it any differently from how I had dealt with its siblings before.

When I had free time to start working on it, I thrust it deep into the world of PHP Web. This was my first 10 Finger Scanner to speak PHP.

Not only does it speak PHP well, I think it is my preferred unit device in this category that I want to be my signature Finger Scanner for 10 Finger Capture projects in PHP if my prospective clients do not have any other reservations about using it.

The Documentation for this unit device and the User Manuals by its manufacturer, Integrated Biometrics are simple and easy to follow thru as a Software Engineer (I like to think of myself as a Biometrics Engineer than just a Software Developer) and thus it was easy for me to get it to talk PHP on my PHP Web Biometric Integration DEMO using KOJAK Finger Scanner.

10 Fingers Scan using a KOJAK Finger Scanner in PHP Web Biometric Integration

Requisite Requirements for implementing 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Software Requirements

Server Computer Hardware Requirements

Client Computer Hardware Requirements

Biometric Finger Scanner Requiremeents

On the Server Windows Computer, you will install PHP and your preferred Web Server there.

On the Client Windows Computer, you will install the Drivers for the KOJAK Finger Scanner.

If you would want to archive (store) your Captured and Enrolled Biometric Fingerprint Images in an RDBMS Database System instead of saving them in a Folder somewhere, choose an appropriate SQL Database. I would recommend you go with the latest Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

The Oracle Database is the most capable and best suited for archiving Large Biometric Finger Image files like the ones created by a KOJAK Finger Scanners’ capture processes.

See this Oracle APEX Web Biometric Integration DEMO where I was Capturing and Saving Biometric Fingerprints using a COLUMBO Finger Scanner then saving them to an Oracle 19C Enterprise Database.

Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) too is an option that you could consider though I have very little experience using this RDBMs. That said, this reminds me that I need to install MSSQL on my Ubuntu 21.04 Linux server and see how it performs.

COLUMBO Finger Scanners are also manufactured by the same company, Integrated Biometrics which manufactures KOJAK Finger Scanners.

PHP Scripting Language used for KOJAK Finger Scanner PHP Web Biometric Integration

Challenges Experienced when implementing 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Overall Experiences when implementing 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Do you have any plans of doing a KOJAK Finger Scanner integration with Software Applications built on any other Programming and Scripting Languages apart from PHP?

Yes! I plan to do a couple of more integrations with other Programming and Scripting Languages with the KOJAK Finger Scanner.

I plan to get an integration for this unit device with the following too;

Other PHP Web Biometric Integrations that I can Provide you Professional Consulting to Help you with similar integrations

Screenshots of 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Left Hand Finger Capture on KOJAK in PHP Web Biometric Integration
Right Hand Finger Capture on KOJAK in PHP Web Biometric Integration
2 Thumbs Finger Capture using KOJAK Finger SCanner in PHP Web Biometric Integration

Short Video DEMO of 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Capturing Right Hand’s 4 Fingers and 2 Thumbs using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Long Video DEMO of 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner

Do you Need Help with your Software Project and would like to Enlist the Expertise of a Biometrics Engineer to Offer you Professional Consulting in Implementing a 10 Finger Capture in PHP Web using a KOJAK Biometric Scanner?

I am a Software Engineer who Helps People like You, Organizations, Companies, Institutions and SMEs to Develop, Integrate, Support and Maintain Identity Management (IAM) Software Solutions that run on Android, Linux, RaspberryPi, Web, Cloud and Windows.

I offer Premium based Consulting! Find Details on How to reach me for Professional Consulting Services to Help you with your Software Project integration with Biometrics at Joseph Mwema’s YouTube channel’s About section.

Some of the Companies, Organizations and Institutions that I have helped to integrate Biometrics in their Software Applications

Thank you for reading thru all the way to the end of this article. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, tips or ideas that you would like to share with me or anything that you would like to bring to my attention or have me take a look at by sending me an e-mail. Also, should you have any Questions for me, e-mail them to me as well.

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