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Professional IT Consultants, Developers, Integrators, Researchers and Experts Specializing in Biometrics Software Solutions, Fingerprint Verification and Identification, Facial Recognition

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Helping organisations, companies and SMES implement secure biometric software applications

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Our biometric software solutions will help you to cut down on development time, developer hiring costs and make your coding simple, fast and straight forward

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We want you to get value for your money. We advise and recommend to our clients best biometric implementation practices, good biometric devices and ideal biometric software solutions for their projects

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Build your Confidence in us. We have offered consulting services in the domain of biometrics for over 5 years. Gain from our years of Experience

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Choose from a variety of ready made either stand alone or web based biometric software modules for your software application development projects

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Ready biometric software modules in plain code for developing and integrating into your software applications

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We are Professional Biometric Software Consultants, Developers, Integrators and Experts helping Organisations, Companies and SMEs with Biometric Software Solutions.

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( A very extensible, scalable and fast HTML5 web biometric software integration pack that supports many web browsers and web technologies. Best for service line industries for ' touch and go ' fingerprint authentication tasks. )

Enrolling their First (1st) Fingerprint


Quickest time in Minutes a Client can take to fully integrate Biometric Fingerprint Module into their Web Application Project


Databases you can also integrate with apart from MySQL. MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite


Our Years of Experience in Biometrics Consulting, Biometrics Software Development and Biometrics Software Integrations


Increase your Returns On Investment by OVER 1000% when you order these biometric software modules as you will save big on software development time and developer hiring costs

Biometric Software Modules' Source Codes for Paid Download in Java, Php, MySQL, HTML, JQuery and JavaScript

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